Carolina Donis

Carolina Donis-Lockwood is an international speaker and co-founder of Guatemala Próspera, a non-profit organization that promotes leadership principles and values ​​worldwide and has trained over 500,000 students and community leaders within Guatemala to-date.

Carolina graduated with honors from the Law Faculty of Universidad Francisco Marroquínin Guatemala and obtained additional post-graduate legal studies at Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) and Cambridge (UK). She holds certificates in Negotiation and Mediation from Harvard; Innovation, Leadership, and Positive Psychology from Berkeley. She earned an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Universidad Del Valle in Guatemala and a Certificate in the same from Paris-Sorbonne.

Together, Carolina and her husband David drafted the Lockwood Donis Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to leadership development, women’s empowerment, and sustainable social entrepreneurship projects in the Americas. To date, 18,460 strategic leaders in twelve countries have been trained in personal and professional growth.

Carolina has hosted several Spanish-language radio and television programs and is currently a Leadership Coach and consultant for the Transformation Country Initiative of the John Maxwell Foundation and Global Priority Solutions. Carolina and David currently reside in the Dallas, TX area.